First Day Back!

Well, I hit the ground running. Literally. What better way to get back into running than to do something way out of your comfort zone like running in a 10k race? The Bolder Boulder 10k was held today in Boulder, Co. We had our own Bolder Boulder 10k here in Iraq, sponsored by the official race. Supposedly some of the race was filmed and broadcast at the real Bolder Boulder, but I can’t confirm that.

Let me tell you, after only running once in two and a half months, jumping into a 10k is killer. I managed to run without stopping through the first 5k, but in the second half I had to alternate walking and running. I ended up coming in at about 55 minutes which I’m okay with. My goal was to get in under 60 and I did. I was not happy about the fact that I had to walk, but since it is my first day back, I am cutting myself some slack. The first 500 runners (not sure if we had that many) got some cool swag to include a t-shirt and a cd (pictured below). All the racers also got official race numbers which will grant us free entry to the real Bolder Boulder in 2012 or 2013. I probably won’t be able to make it to either of those, but I thought that was pretty cool. All in all, I was pleased with day 1.

Bolder Boulder 10k

I also received my Vibram Five Fingers (VFF) Bikilas today! I had to order women’s size because my feet are so small. I found a neutral color though and I am super excited to use them. I wore them for a few hours just walking around and I plan on walking on the treadmill with them for about 30 minutes a day for the next two weeks. After that, I will start doing short runs in them and hopefully build up to about 5 miles in them by August. I have read many horror stories of people who did too much too soon (TMTS) in them, resulting in injuries, so I am going to take it nice and slow. Here’s a picture of them!